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Doing is Believing

Who give a darn what's your belief! Get up and Act now...

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Ladders or Snakes

Whale and Hunter Relo

Destination services provision in Budapest, Hungary for a corporate and high end clientele.

Winning Web Leads*

Advising small to medium business owners on getting better with web leads.
(* working title)


Opinionated food related start up for the busy health junkies.
(* working title)

Going back to "school" so I no longer can put the blame on - "I couldn't find a CTO to start up." (read more about this from Derek Sivers)

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Things and Thoughts

Until I start/migrate my blog on here, you'll have to get away with my business posts on LinkedIn. Or browse my older posts on Blogger and on Wordpress or Hungarian.

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Near term availabilites:

  • March, Spring break + smaller projects and lots of learning and parenting.
  • April, rolling out a major destination service delivery provision onboarding with limited availabilites.
  • May, larger project experimentation and first pivots.